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Your Child's Personality Insights - Main Talents and Potential Numerology Reading

Your Child's Personality Insights - Main Talents and Potential Numerology Reading

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  • Based on Birthdate
  • Ready in 48 Hours
  • Detailed Report

Discover your Child's Main Talent and Potential with our numerology reading. Gain valuable insights into her personality, main talent, and areas for growth to support her journey towards happiness and success.

The personalised report is based on her date of birth and is available in 2 levels of depth:

  • Essential - Child's Main Talent: detailed report of your child's life purpose, main talent, child's support guidance, and suitable clubs & activities suggestions.
  • Full - All 6 Child's Talents: in-depth report including everything in Essential, plus identification of all 6 talents and potential, key life lessons, 4 karmic programs, parental advice
You can see all the details of what's included below. Don't miss this chance to understand your child better and help him thrive!
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Looking for the Hidden Talent of your Child? Then this Numerology reading is for you:

What's included

We'll be exploring your child's Karmic Star and Personality Triangle in 2 levels of depth to unveil:

Essential Report - $55

  • Your child's life purpose, destined to be realized by the age of 25.
  • Recognition of the main talent that you, as parent, should nurture before she turns 25.
  • Parental Guidance on how to support your child in discovering their main talent.
  • Suggestions for clubs and activities that align with their main talent.

Full Report - $235

  • Your child's life purpose, meant to be realized by the age of 25.
  • Identification of the 6 talents and potential your child possesses, influencing their personality and behavior - including strengths and weaknesses.
  • Insights into which childhood talents your child can leverage for future success and earning potential.
  • Key life lessons your child should learn by age 25.
  • Recognition of 4 karmic programs passed down from you to your child to work through: these are the mistakes made by parents at the time of the child's birth, affecting their character and destiny. Understanding and addressing these negative energies not only benefits you, but also supports your child.
  • Suggestions for clubs and activities that align with all the talents she possesses.
  • Parental advice for you on communication and interaction with your child.

Quick 48h delivery

Get your analysis delivered to your inbox in less than 48 hours. And we are always available if you have questions about the insights.

Comprehensive insights

The 4-page analysis offers comprehensive guidelines to better understand your child and help him thrive in today's world.

Crafted by experts

Crafted by a certified numerologist with years of experience. You can trust in the accuracy and depth of your results.

  • Provide us with your child's date of birth

    Simply provide your child's date of birth and will start working on his reading immediately. This reading will be very insightful and personalized.

  • Receive your report in less 48 hours, every day

    You'll receive your personalized Child's Insights analysis quickly, so you can enable a new awareness of your child. Print it, make it yours and embrace self-discovery.

  • 5-page reading and parents recommendations

    This 5-page reading includes personalized recommendations for your as parents nurture your child's unique talents

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Rated 4.8/5

"Maria delivered a very thorough and insightful analysis of my child's personality, showing a deep understanding of numerology. She was very polite in her communication, and completed the reading very fast. Overall it's been a great experience and I'd highly recommend Maria."
- Alice.

Nurture Your Kids and Elevate Your Parenting

"Beyond bedtime stories and soccer games, Numerology unveils the deeper layers of your children personalities. This knowledge empowers you to connect with them on a deeper level, building a bond that will last a lifetime."

Maria Kolozina
Founder | Certified Numerologist

  • Missed Money Talent Opportunity

    If a child doesn't develop the Main Talent before the age of 25, it could become more difficult for him to do so later. This could impact his ability to make money since this specific talent might be tied to his financial realization.

  • Misguided Parents Support

    Your efforts to support him might be misplaced. You could unknowingly push your child towards something he dislikes or struggles with, leading to frustration and a sense of inadequacy.

  • Lack of Parent-Child Bond

    Not knowing about your child's inherent talents can create a barrier to deeper connection, hindering open communication and creating a sense of disconnect between you and the child.

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Don't miss this chance to better understand your child and help him thrive!

  • Your authentic true life purpose

    Numerology provides invaluable insights into your soul mission and special karmic tasks, helping you align your choices with your authentic path.

  • Personal flow of wealth energies

    Numerology can open up the skills and talents from your past life, which are meant to be harnessed for achieving financial success in your present life.

  • The power of 3 lifecycles

    Numerology reveals the 3 lifecycles in your journey. Gain insights into how each chapter of your life will be and how to make the most of each phase.

  • Understanding your karmic debts

    Explore the significance of karmic debts, and learn how working on them can lead to liberation from recurring challenges, facilitating a positive transformation.

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All you need to know about your True Life Purpose analysis

Is numerology scientifically proven?

While Numerology is not a science in the traditional sense, it is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to gain insights into one's life and destiny. Many individuals have found value and positive results in incorporating numerology into their lives.

How accurate is the true life purpose analysis?

Having provided numerology readings to a diverse range of individuals, we've witnessed the remarkable accuracy of the true life purpose analysis in numerous cases. These insights have consistently resonated with individuals, helping them gain valuable information into their life paths and guiding them toward fulfilling their potential. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and transformative experiences shared by those I've consulted attest to the accuracy and relevance of the insights.

What is a true life purpose?

Your true life purpose is a powerful, underlying mission that resonates with the core of your being. It's a unique path that aligns with your strengths, passions, and the lessons your soul seeks to learn. Discovering and embracing your life purpose can bring clarity, fulfilment, and a profound sense of direction to your journey. Numerology offers valuable insights to help you unveil and live your authentic life purpose.

What is a past life mistake?

In each incarnation, our soul comes to gain experience and rectify mistakes from past lives. This is necessary to elevate the vibrations of the soul and ascend to a new, higher level. Sometimes, mistakes aren't corrected due to the erasure of memory before reincarnation. That's why, in this life, we start experiencing situations and lessons through which we'll rectify these errors.

What should I consider when approaching my true life purpose?

Remember, these readings are tool to support your journey towards your self-realization and development. They should be combined with your own efforts, responsibility, and a positive mindset for optimal results.