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12-Month Numerology Forecast Based on Your Date of Birth

12-Month Numerology Forecast Based on Your Date of Birth

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  • Based on Birthdate
  • Ready in 24 Hours
  • Detailed Report

Want to know what's coming up for you in the next 12 Months?

The big question is: What's the most important lessons you need to learn during these 12 months for things to go your way?

That's where the Numerology Forecast comes in. It's all about the key lessons of the year and what each month holds for you. Because, believe it or not, each month has its own lessons too. 

If you don't learn these lessons, you'll keep going through the same old cycle of events year after year...

So, what's the big advantage of this forecast?

Well, by knowing the energies of the year and every month, you will be able to plan out your goals and dreams for the appropriate time. For instance, the forecast can tell you when it's best to:

  • start a new training or course you've been dreaming about
  • travel or do a relocation
  • sell or buy a new property or a car
  • get your yearly health check-up
  • dedicate the time to solitude, spirituality or a retreat
  • get married and have children 

You will also learn about the types of events that potentially can happen with you depending on whether you live on the plus side or the minus side.

This up to 15 pages Numerology Forecast is like having a super helpful road map for your life... and I highly recommend using it. 

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Rated 4.8/5

"The analysis was thorough and thought-provoking. It's rare to find such personalized guidance that resonates on so many levels."
- Aisha L.

A transformative journey to discover your soul mission

"Numerology can unlock your birth chart and the power of numbers to reveal your true life purpose. Whether it's clarity on your life's mission or financial abundance you seek, the analysis provides the insights and the guidance you need. My mission is helping you uncover your very own life purpose."

Maria Kolozina
Founder | Certified Numerologist


Discover your path towards a life filled with purpose and fulfilment

  • Your authentic true life purpose

    Numerology provides invaluable insights into your soul mission and special karmic tasks, helping you align your choices with your authentic path.

  • Personal flow of wealth energies

    Numerology can open up the skills and talents from your past life, which are meant to be harnessed for achieving financial success in your present life.

  • The power of 3 lifecycles

    Numerology reveals the 3 lifecycles in your journey. Gain insights into how each chapter of your life will be and how to make the most of each phase.

  • Understanding your karmic debts

    Explore the significance of karmic debts, and learn how working on them can lead to liberation from recurring challenges, facilitating a positive transformation.

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