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Personal 'Luck' Calendar - Based on your Ba Zi Astrology Birth Chart

Personal 'Luck' Calendar - Based on your Ba Zi Astrology Birth Chart

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  • Based on Birth Chart
  • Ready in 48 Hours
  • Full Guide Included

Have you ever wondered why some seemingly improbable things fall into place while others, which seemed destined to succeed, falter? It's all about timing.

Each month, every individual possesses unique windows of opportunity for love, career advancements, and pivotal life events. The challenge lies in identifying and capitalizing on these fleeting moments.

Without the right timing, striving for your aspirations feels like attempting to penetrate a solid wall instead of walking through an open door.

That's where our expertise comes in:

  • We use our Chinese Astrologist and Ba Zi expertise to crafted a one-of-a-kind Personal 'Luck' Calendar designed to unlock the power of timing in your life.
  • With this resource, you'll pinpoint precisely when your most auspicious moments arise, paving the way for better outcomes and efficiency.
  • Tailored to your unique Ba Zi birth chart and personal symbolic stars, our Luck Calendar comes in a convenient digital PDF format, so you can print it and keep it with you.
Don't just wait for luck. Seize it with our personalised guidance!
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Discover your most favorable moments, for better outcomes

What's included

The Luck Calendar includes date selection for:

  • Your Nobleman Star - Angel: tap into higher powers for assistance and support
  • Personal and General Breaker Days: avoid important matters on these unfavorable days
  • Signing Documents/Deals/Contracts: pick the best dates for successful outcomes
  • Business Negotiations: optimize your chances of striking favorable deals
  • Dating: enhance your romantic prospects with auspicious timing
  • Doctor Appointments/Medical Procedures: schedule visits on the most favorable days
  • Studying: find the ideal time to boost focus and learning capabilities
  • Beauty Procedures (e.g., SPA, hair & nail salon): maximize rejuvenation and beauty enhancement
  • Valuable Acquisitions (car, real estate): make important purchases with confidence
  • Health/Body Injury Risk: be cautious during vulnerable periods to prevent mishaps
  • Travel (when it's best to fly): plan your journeys for smooth and fortunate experiences

Quick 48h delivery

Get your calendar delivered to your inbox in less than 48 hours. And we are always available if you have questions about the insights.

Multiple Months

You can save by ordering Personal Luck Calendar over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, so you can plan for a longer term and avoid mistakes.

Crafted by experts

Crafted by a certified Ba Zi Practitioner with years of experience. You can trust in the accuracy and detailes of your results.

  • Provide us with your birth's data

    Simply provide us with your birth date, birth place and birth hour (if available) for the best accuracy. Pick your month of interest and the starting month of interest for your calendar.

  • Receive your calendars in less 48 hours, every day

    You'll receive your Personal 'Luck' Calendar in your inbox quickly. Print it, make it yours and be aware of your most favorable and unfavorable days.

  • Use the guide to read your calendar correctly

    We include and detailed guide with each calendars so you can easily understand all the symbols and use it correctly from the very first day.

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Rated 4.8/5

"Very cool calendar! I printed mine in and hung on a wall like a poster. Several of my friends commented on it. An easy way to find lucky and not lucky days. Love Success days. They are what they are called for real!"
- Sarah S.

The Four Pillars of Destiny

Ba Zi, also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, is a Chinese astrological system based on a person's birth date and time. It involves analyzing the year, month, day, and hour of birth to determine an individual's unique energy composition.

Ba Zi can reveal insights into one's personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, potential career paths, and key life events, offering valuable guidance for personal and professional decision-making.

  • Relationship of Elements

    In Ba Zi, the Five Elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - represent the fundamental forces in nature and are used to describe the interactions and relationships between various aspects of a person's birth chart. These interactions help determine the balance of elemental energies, affecting personality, relationships, and destiny.

  • Forecasting Life's Path

    Knowing your Ba Zi chart can help you foresee events by revealing potential opportunities and challenges in your life based on the interplay of the Five Elements. By understanding the cyclical nature of elemental influences and their impact on different life aspects, you can make informed decisions, plan ahead, and take advantage of favorable periods.

  • Understand Who You Really Are

    Ba Zi allows you to identify your inherent talents, strengths, and opportunities in life. By understanding the elemental balance and energy composition in your birth chart, you can harness this knowledge to make informed choices, unlock your full potential, and pursue a fulfilling and successful path. It's an opportunity for deep self-discovery!

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Plan more efficient in planning, save time and energy, get better results.

All you need to know about your True Life Purpose analysis

Is numerology scientifically proven?

While Numerology is not a science in the traditional sense, it is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to gain insights into one's life and destiny. Many individuals have found value and positive results in incorporating numerology into their lives.

How accurate is the true life purpose analysis?

Having provided numerology readings to a diverse range of individuals, we've witnessed the remarkable accuracy of the true life purpose analysis in numerous cases. These insights have consistently resonated with individuals, helping them gain valuable information into their life paths and guiding them toward fulfilling their potential. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and transformative experiences shared by those I've consulted attest to the accuracy and relevance of the insights.

What is a true life purpose?

Your true life purpose is a powerful, underlying mission that resonates with the core of your being. It's a unique path that aligns with your strengths, passions, and the lessons your soul seeks to learn. Discovering and embracing your life purpose can bring clarity, fulfilment, and a profound sense of direction to your journey. Numerology offers valuable insights to help you unveil and live your authentic life purpose.

What is a past life mistake?

In each incarnation, our soul comes to gain experience and rectify mistakes from past lives. This is necessary to elevate the vibrations of the soul and ascend to a new, higher level. Sometimes, mistakes aren't corrected due to the erasure of memory before reincarnation. That's why, in this life, we start experiencing situations and lessons through which we'll rectify these errors.

What should I consider when approaching my true life purpose?

Remember, these readings are tool to support your journey towards your self-realization and development. They should be combined with your own efforts, responsibility, and a positive mindset for optimal results.